27 Oct 2014


Ron Glen is standing down as Group Training Officer of CAGE Greater Nottingham, a role he has carried out for us since April 2009. Over the last five and a half years Ron has played a significant part in CAGE GN’s development through his passion, commitment, organisational and networking skills.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ron, on behalf of the Steering Group, our members and supporters, for all his hard work in making CAGE GN a success and to wish him all the very best for the future.

Howard Platts, who has been involved with CAGE GN since it started, is taking over from Ron as Group Training Officer, and will be your new point of contact with effect from 1st November 2014.

Ron will support Howard until the end of November, during this transitional period.

Howard’s contact details are: e-mail: howard@cage-greaternottingham.org.uk 

mobile: 07779 962221.


08 Oct 2014

Davey Unveils £100m Green Deal Boost

Ed Dave, the Energy Secretary, is set to announce a £100m boost to the Green Deal in a bid to drive take up of the struggling energy efficiency programme.

The energy secretary is expected to announce the boost at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow today, with the cash to be used to reopen the cash-back incentive scheme that was closed in July after the first £120m tranche of funding was used up.

Davey is expected to announce the fresh round up funding for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, which was designed to stimulate take-up of the Green Deal, which has struggled to gain momentum since it was launched at the beginning of 2013.

Speaking to ITV this morning, Davey said: “We’re managing to show that you can go green and you can have low energy bills. The announcement that I’m making today of £100m to help people cut energy emissions and have warmer homes, and indeed cut carbon emissions I think will be really welcome.

“People want to have permanently lower energy bills and the fact that through our Green Deal and the Green Deal investment fund, that will help people make their homes warmer and greener and cheaper.”

John Alker, director of policy and communications at the UK Green Building Council, said warned the additional funding was only a “temporary solution” to encouraging home energy efficiency.

He said: “As temperatures start to drop and households turn up their heating, this additional funding is a timely – but ultimately temporary – solution to encouraging energy efficiency.

“There’s no doubt that the Lib Dems understand the importance of home retrofit, and Ed Davey should be applauded for securing the cash from Treasury.

“But we need to move beyond stop-start incentives which damage business confidence.

“This funding could see us through to the General Election, but what happens after that?

“All parties must recognise that home energy efficiency is an infrastructure priority, with public investment needed to support the most vulnerable and to create the confidence for the private sector to scale up investment over the long term.”

08 Oct 2014

Energy Efficiency and Retrofit of Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings

Free 3 Day Pilot Training Programme in England

As part of the development processes aimed at establishing the learning objectives and outcomes of a UK wide training programme based around the Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures in Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings, CITB will be running a 3 day Pilot Programme to test the training delivery materials.

The Pilot Training Programme based in England will take place at Cromford Mills, near Matlock in Derbyshire on 11th 12th &13th November.

Please see enclosed an Information Sheet that sets out the Programme contents and which will include at least one site visit that illustrates the use and application of energy efficiency measures.

Delegate places on the Pilot Programmes are offered free of charge to the first 15No applicants. Places are also limited to two per company. In cases where demand for places exceeds the limit for the Pilots, additional course dates will be arranged and offered.

If you wish to book a place on this programme, please complete the booking section at the foot of the enclosed Information Sheet and return by fax on 0300 456 5558 (or 5562) or scan and email your information to nstenquiries@citb.co.uk

Confirmation of bookings will be sent to you and course joining instructions will be sent out two weeks before the start of the programme.

Bill Brown  Specialist Project Manager

CITB National Specialists

Tel 07843343636

Email bill.brown@citb.co.uk

A Free 3 Day Pilot Training Programme for England

As a part of the development of a CITB training programme designed to address the issues surrounding the installation of the wide range of Energy Efficiency Measures available and retrofit of Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings and the impact on such buildings, CITB will be hosting a 3 Day Pilot Training Programme at the prestigious Cromford Mills in Matlock Derbyshire on the following consecutive days on 11th 12th 13th   November 2014

Who is eligible for this training?

This 3 day course is provided free of charge and is aimed at employers who are registered with and in scope to CITB whose employees or sub contractors are either working in the construction sector in England who may already have some experience of the Pre 1919 Sector or are planning to work in the sector if the future.

  • First Line Supervisors & Managers.
  • Experienced Craftspeople.
  • All-round building operatives who have experience of working on traditional (pre-1919) buildings or who may be planning to undertake this type of work.
  • Proprietors of SMEs and Jobbing Builders
  • Estimators, planners and designers
  • Installers of Solid Wall Insulation Systems (Internal & External Wall Insulation linked to the installation of Green Deal measures)
  • Installers of Passive Fire Protection measures.
  • Building Control Officers Etc.

The Training Programme Objectives Include:

  • Understand the Chronology, Building Styles and Age and characteristics of traditional buildings.
  • Basics and Principles of Conservation & Appreciation of Heritage & Conservation Values &  Understanding Traditional Construction Methods & Materials, Planning & Statutory Controls
  • Understanding Thermal Performance and Energy and Efficiency of Pre 1919 Traditional Buildings
  • Understand the impact of the Installation of Retrofit of Energy Efficiency Measures to Traditional Buildings
  • Understanding the range of Energy Efficient Systems Measures
  • The Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures in relationship to Craft Occupations
  • The Programme will include at least one site visit and an update on Green Deal and other related topics.
  • Please note that places are limited to two candidates per company

To reserve a place on this free pilot programme please return this Form with details of your candidate/s name/s either by fax FAO Ketan Patel on 0300 456 5558 (or 5562) or scan and email to nstenquiries@citb.co.uk

Candidate Name/s (2 Max)  
Employer Name  
Contact Name & Tel No   Tel No  
Email Address  

Please note that course places will be awarded on the basis of the date when responses are received.


For further information about the programme please contact bill.brown@citb.co.uk