CAGE GN are committed to promoting construction as a career to schools and colleges, emphasising the broad range of trade, technical and professional opportunities available to students and how they can utilise their skills whether they are vocational or academic.

We are particularly keen to engage with teachers and careers advisors to help them understand the range of career opportunities and to help them promote construction as an exciting and worthwhile career.

Each year we hold the CAGE Construction Challenge, during Apprenticeship Week in March, which showcases the talents of young builders. Employers are encouraged to attend – you could meet your future employees! To find out about the 2017 Construction Challenge click here.

To compliment this we also hold a Meet the Employer Day, where students can discuss the opportunities available and employers can explain the skills required for the differing career opportunities in construction.

We also attend careers fairs, e.g. What Next, careers events in schools, hold mock interviews.

An area we are keen to build on our past success is in providing work placements and/or work experience – if you can help please contact the CAGE Group Training Officer, Howard Platts on 07779 962221.

We encourage our members to send staff on CITB’s “Construction Ambassadors” course, so that they become suitably trained to take part in the various events with schools and colleges. To find out how to become a Construction Ambassador please go to the Go Construct website